Datpro has been at the forefront of developments in Data Protection and GDPR compliance for CCTV and associated systems and as a result of dealing with businesses across all sectors the company has developed a wide range of services. Initially Datpro will establish if there is a lawful purpose for the collection and processing of personal data. Lawful purpose is the foundation of all compliance regimes and Datpro will interrogate legally recognised motives to identify the most appropriate lawful purpose.

Once a lawful purpose has been established Datpro will provide an on-site in-depth review of the systems used to process and manage personal data. During the review non-compliance is highlighted and once rectification work has been completed by Datpro the data controller can be confident that the systems that process personal data such as CCTV, ANPR and Electronic Access Control Systems are correctly managed.

To maintain compliance Datpro provides ongoing support from its team of in-house specialists. The support includes but is not limited to: –

  • Updates and changes to legislation
  • Datpro helpline to assist in dealing with requests for disclosure of personal data and guidance on other legal requirements. 
  • An annual on-site audit of all procedures.
  • Updating and documenting the Lawful basis relied upon.
  • On-site re-training where required.
  • Removal and controlled destruction of all used recording media.
  • Production of site-specific CCTV documentation.
  • Assistance with company privacy policies/notices.
  • Production of a CCTV public information leaflet.

  • An annual GDPR audit by a member of the compliance team includes the following:
  • Review all existing camera positions.
  • Ascertain archive period of recorded material.
  • Check all existing signage.
  • Appraise all used onsite documentation.
  • Update lawful purpose and document.
  • Replace all used recording media.
  • Replace all used documentation.
  • Report to management all significant areas of non-compliance


  • An inclusive CCTV, ANPR, EACS GDPR compliance management system appraisal.
  • Review of the existing CCTV Policy. (if in place)
  • Compile new CCTV policy where required.
  • Help and advice on the introduction / deployment of the proposed / amended CCTV policy document.
  • Appraise the existing CCTV system and advise where required what improvements or changes need to be made to meetthe purposes of the scheme.
  • Evaluate any proposed changes / upgrades to the existing CCTV system.
  • Initial Audit & Assessment.
  • Subsequent Annual Audit & Assessment.
  • Review of any Online Procedures & Processes.


Datpro Ltd was established in 2001 and the company has grown to become the UK’s leader in CCTV data protection compliance. With many leading UK companies as clients, Datpro has the experience and infrastructure to provide any UK business with a tailored compliance solution.

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