Camera Use – ANPR

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a technology that uses cameras to capture images of license plates and match them against vehicle databases. It helps identify vehicle owners and track movements.

Q) Do I need to conduct a DPIA when considering installing ANPR or taking over management of a property with ANPR?
A) Yes, you must conduct or have conducted an up to date DPIA and document the results for each individual site where ANPR is in use.

Q) Do I need to be correctly trained to operate and use and ANPR system?
A) Yes, you must ensure that the cameras are placed so that they do not capture any vehicles outside of the area that are not of interest .

Q) Does the location of the ANPR cameras matter?
A) You must have sufficient and efficient governance procedures to be able to retrieve any stored data and process it, for example if you receive a subject access request.

Q) Are there strict policies to be adhered to?
A) Yes, the system must comply with the surveillance camera code of practice and the requirements of the UK GDPR.

Q) Is signage important?
A) Yes, you must have clear and prominent signage informing of the use of ANPR, the reasons for the use and who to contact with a query.

Q) Is there a limit to how long you can keep the data?
A) Yes, you must confirm that there is a data retention period and that it is adhered to.