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Thank you for considering Datpro for your data protection and privacy needs.
Our comprehensive site visit services cover all aspects of compliance with the latest data protection regulations in the UK. Whether you need a thorough assessment of your site’s operations, assistance with privacy policies, training for your staff, or secure disposal of media storage devices, we have the expertise and resources to guide you every step of the way
With ongoing support and annual audits, you can trust Datpro to ensure your organisation remains fully compliant with data protection and privacy laws.
Explore our range of services below to find the solutions that best fit your needs:
Site Visits

At Datpro, our team of specialists conducts thorough site visits to conduct detailed surveys and prepare the legally required Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIA) and establish if the processing and operation meets the legal requirements of the UK GDPR.

We charge a modest fee for each site visit, regardless of the location in the UK. This charge can be fully refunded if you choose to engage Datpro for future work at your site.

If Datpro is instructed to implement all the services outlined in their quotation, ensuring initial compliance with all legal requirements is our primary concern. This is especially important in relation to the personal data captured by your site’s CCTV/ANPR system.


It’s a legal requirement to conduct a Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) at every location where CCTV is in use, and to document the findings.

A full site survey must be undertaken to encompass all aspects of Data Protection Law, including GDPR as it relates to CCTV / Electronic Access Control and other forms of relevant processing.

After conducting a site visit, we generate a comprehensive report that outlines areas where the site is currently not in compliance with legal requirements. This report also includes the associated costs to achieve initial compliance and maintain ongoing compliance with the regulations. Our aim is to provide you with a clear understanding of the necessary actions and costs to ensure your operations meet the required legal standards
Datpro supplies and installs all necessary materials, including signage and site-specific policies and procedures within logbooks.
CCTV logbook
Our CCTV logbooks package includes a range of essential elements to support compliance and effective management of CCTV systems.
Datpro offers guidance to clients regarding the legal grounds they should rely on to ensure the lawful processing of personal data.
After achieving initial compliance in the operation and management of personal data, it must be maintained. To assist our clients, Datpro offers an ongoing compliance service solution. We offer an annual contract that includes continuous support through our help line. This service ensures that our clients remain compliant and their operations are up-to-date with the latest Data Protection Law requirements.
Telephone Support Helpline
As part of our ongoing compliance support solution, Datpro offers a service to assist our client sites in handling requests for viewing or copying personal data captured on their CCTV systems. This service is designed to ensure that all requests, whether from the Police, visitors to the site, tenants, or members of the public, are handled correctly and efficiently.
Privacy Policies
Datpro has the expertise to assist in drafting a comprehensive CCTV Privacy policy tailored specifically for your company
Datpro provides valuable assistance to data controllers in drafting appropriate wording for including CCTV in their privacy policies. Additionally, we offer support in constructing codes of practice specifically targeted towards multiple site operators. To ensure your staff is well-informed and equipped to handle personal data captured through CCTV, we provide comprehensive training on Data Protection Law. This training covers topics such as how to respond to requests for viewing or copying personal data to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. Our goal is to empower your staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate data protection requirements effectively.
Annual Audits
As part of our ongoing compliance support solution, we conduct a yearly audit of the CCTV systems to ensure continued compliance. Beyond the CCTV systems, we also assess documentation procedures and review applicable legislation updates to ensure adherence to the latest data protection regulations.
Compliance Solution
Datpro offers an in-house compliance solution designed to cater to companies of all sizes. This comprehensive package includes a range of services and products to support compliance with UK GDPR and Data Protection Law. Our solution covers various technologies, including CCTV, ANPR, Body Worn Cameras, and Electronic Access Control Systems (EACS), ensuring that the necessary procedures and products are in place for the proper handling of personal data. This compliance solution is available not only in the UK but also throughout Europe, providing organisations with a reliable and comprehensive approach to data protection and privacy.

Datpro offers pixilation, a technique used to safeguard identities in images and videos, and secure editing of Right to Subject Requests with third party identity masking to protect privacy and sensitive information.

Public Information Leaflet
Datpro will create a public information leaflet that can be distributed to individuals who have inquiries related to the CCTV system. The leaflet will serve as a comprehensive guide, providing clear and concise information on the reasons why the CCTV system is used and specifying the purposes for which personal data may be taken
We will securely dispose of media storage devices, specifically disks or tapes, that have been used. This involves the removal and safe destruction of such devices. As part of this process, all used and expired Datpro serialised media and corresponding serialized log pages are taken away to ensure secure disposal. This step is important to maintain compliance with relevant data retention policies. Once the stated period of retention has elapsed, Datpro ensures the controlled and certified destruction of used media and log pages to ensure sensitive data is not compromised. This provides organisations with a reliable and secure method for disposing of used media storage devices without risking data breaches or compromised privacy.
Camera Positions
We will assess and evaluate the placement of all existing security cameras and provide expert advice accordingly. Our team will carefully analyse the current camera locations to determine their effectiveness and identify any potential gaps or areas for improvement